About us


KAWA Canada is based at Mississauga, Canada. We are in the business of promoting handwork products made by Onyx, Marble and Clay, these products are manufactured in countries having centuries old tradition of crafting remarkable heritage based products. The people who constitute KAWA Corporation have been successfully conducting trade of clay products over the years.

Under the banner of KAWA our vision is to become a leader in supplying handmade clay pots/Vases, blue Pottery, glazed pottery, bricks, tiles , marble and stone products globally, and we value the satisfaction of our customers and quality of our products as the key pillars of our success and future growth.

"We aim to achieve this success through our guiding principal “trusted team, quality products”.

In addition, clay work products are also available in latest and most unique artistic designs. You can view these designs in the picture gallery of our website.

We aim to cater the market needs of our products in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and ASEAN countries. The flexibility of our business model which is Business to Business and Business to Consumer will be the key factor in our successful expansion and growth. Being a social entrepreneur, KAWA Corporation is also undertaking its social responsibility by promoting these unique and creative works of art across the globe.

Our intent is that KAWA’s success should not be only limited to our company but it should greatly contribute in the success of the craftsmen, our vendors, partners and associates.


We welcome partnering with interested companies around the globe.
Contact us for any inquiries, sample process, and additional information.