A new theme? Not this year.

Here come the pumpkins, gingerbread cookies and confetti...

As most of you know, we change up our Mississauga showroom every season. Most stores do this to encourage shoppers to also do the same - change up their home decor according to the season. But this year, we're deciding on keeping our boho-bali themed decor at the shop.

This space has been known to us and our clients as a relaxing spot to reflect, recoup, and fall in love with natural elements that can be brought back into our homes, offices - practically anywhere with the large variety of natural home and garden pieces from around the globe.

While most of us have not been able to travel for the past couple years due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, the shop has become our alternative to travel. We've crafted each corner of the shop with the intention and purpose of creating something beautiful. The palms remind us of the tropics, the music of warm european summers and most importantly, the clay - which takes us on a stroll in a middle eastern bazaar.

Come take a look.

Escape the upcoming cold seasons for a little while.

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The most simple things can bring the most happiness.

Izabella Scorupco