Plastic Pots Are Not It...

Picture this: It’s a beautiful but windy day. You watch as your outdoor plants topple over from wind and extreme weather.

Okay, next scene. It’s a beautiful day, again. This time, you watch as your children and fur babies are running wild indoors or outdoors and you guessed it – more pots knock over… soil everywhere and your plants are looking very sad. And now you’re trying to bring your plants back to life but they simply couldn’t take the trauma. Please tell me you get the picture. 

It turns out that plastic pots aren’t just horrible for the environment. Plastic pots often seem like they’re easy to take care of because they’re lightweight and fairly cheap. But these qualities also make them harder to maintain!

Essentially, even the most durable plastic is lightweight so there is nothing really securing your plants and keeping them safe. This is why opting for natural, clay pots are not only a move in the green direction, but it is also a long-term plan for your plants sans the turbulence known by plastic pots. Just take a look at how these captivating pots and planters are effortlessly placed in high traffic spaces.

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