Workshops, Come One Come All!

At Kawa Canada, we host many workshops, participate in trade shows and volunteer for community events. The global COVID-19 pandemic had put some of our activities on hold, but in November 2021 we were able to run a local workshop at the Toronto Stackt Market, in association with the Bank of Montreal (BMO). The Stackt market is ensemble completely by shipping containers, in which they host events and have rented out retail spots for small local businesses.
The room was warm on this cold and wet winter day. The lighting indoor was warm, and the music inviting and calming. We wanted to create an experience of relaxation for our Local Toronto workshop attendees. Our team had set up socially-distanced tables, ready for our guests to safely enjoy a night of creativity.

Here's how you can create your own cute quirky pot at home!

The Paint

We used water-based paint from Benjamin Moore because of its superior quality, colour payoff and quick drying time. The clay pots are porous which absorbed the paint fairly quickly. 

Customizing - Lettering & Designs

We used Staz-On ink from Amazon because it prevented bleeding which may have been the case if we used paint. Paired with the ink from Amazon, we used alphabet stamps from Michaels and a variety floral adhesive stencils to create cute sayings, and stencil on floral designs on our painted clay pots.

staz on ink is perfect for stamping designs on ceramic or clay surfaces

Our mini acrylic shovels were a hit for neatly shoveling in soil from the buckets into the planters. Each attendee got a bundle of 2-3 propagated pothos stems to plant into their customized pots.

We are so happy with the turnout and the excitement from our attendees.

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