Clay Story

Story of Clay is the story of civilization.

From the Egyptian Nile to the Indus, from the African Zambezi to the Greek and the Chinese rivers, clay has contributed to the progress of civilization.

It is amazing how a simple material can be transformed into a beautiful and magnificent artifact presenting the origin and progress of human ingenuity. Thousands of years have passed; clay is the ingredient that fulfills the existential necessity of humans to survive and also brings joy and calmness by transforming into artifacts of aesthetic beauty. Clay strengthens our relationship with earth in a very organic manner. Clay is transformed into pottery and there are various techniques. No matter how it is done, there are few common steps as given below.

Imagining and drafting what is to be designed and produced.

This step requires superb creativity with a unique sense of the context and perspective about the placement and utilization of the final product. It is a process of blending the past and the present to create harmony. Just imagine the challenge of coming up with a design that has its roots in the ancient civilization and yet has to look aesthetically relevant in the Canadian ambiance.

Right Raw Material

Once the product is designed, the challenge is to come up with the right raw material to manufacture the product. The material has to be carefully selected so that it can be properly utilized in the delicate process of producing the pottery. The end product also needs to be able to survive in different climate settings.

Right Processes

The process of manufacturing the pottery is based on ancient wisdom. Extreme care is required to ensure that the potter is mentally and physically involved in the process of producing the masterpieces. The products are manufactured near the source of ingredients to ensure the purity of materials and ambiance.

Right Values

We, as a company strongly believe in the principles of Fair Trade. Our essence of business is based on ensuring better working conditions and fair compensation.

Quality Control

We ensure quality control of our products throughout all the processes of manufacturing. You can also be part of the Story of Clay or Story of Civilization by being the owner of these pottery products. Link yourself to the past and create a relationship with your roots.


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