Our Mission


At Kawa Canada, we provide sustainable home and garden decor options that are made from natural materials, like clay, stone and jute.  All of our products are unique because they are handmade, with love, by artisans around the globe. No two pieces are the same. 

There are no such things as guilty pleasures at Kawa Canada. Our treasures not only tell a story, but also support communities around the globe.

Why Kawa? 


Japanese for River.

We believe Kawa is a fitting name for our brand, because we specialize in clay, or wet sand by the river.

NZ Maori for Meeting Place Etiquette.

This definition speaks to us profoundly, as anyone who's entered our shop knows that we value our clients and often spend hours getting to know them, their culture and style.

The Shop

A beautiful shop in southern Ontario. Come take a look! Visit Us.

Watch the video below, to learn more about us: