Clay Bell Lantern Hanging Decor


This handmade piece is available in 3 sizes, and is made entirely of natural clay. The cutwork design and intricate chain links add character to this work of art, which can be used as decoration on its own or paired with a light source as a hanging lantern. 

Each handmade product is truly unique. Some variation in colour, shape and size is common. Nicks and abrasions give character to our pottery. Let us know if you have any questions, we’re here to help!


 Size Bell Height Bell Diameter Total Length
Small 4 inches 5 inches 14 inches
6 inches 6 inches 18 inches
8 inches 9 inches 24 inches

 Our measurements are approximates, and measured from the outside edges. We recommend sizing up for a good fit with your grow pots or previous planters.


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