Clay Drainage Tray Plate Saucer


Okay, time to chuck out the plastic lid you've been using to catch excess water. Grab these rustic handmade clay dishes for your Kawa pots. They help protect flooring, while letting you plants enjoy watering days.

Remember to empty out the water from your plate a few minutes after watering and again after 15 minutes to empty out the remaining drained water.

Each handmade product is truly unique. Some variation in colour, shape and size is common. Nicks and abrasions give character to our pottery. Let us know if you have any questions, we’re here to help!


Simply select the plate size according to your Kawa pot size. For example, for a S planter, pick the S plate. If your Kawa pot has a colour/ whitewashing we will match this with your order of plates. Any questions? Contact us!

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