Jade Plant in Grow Pot

Pot Diameter Size:

A Live, indoor plant only available for store pick-up (by appointment) or local deliveries in the GTA. Jade plants are resilient and easy to grow succulents. Their thick, woody stems and oval-shaped leaves create a miniature, tree-like appearance that makes them very appealing for use as a decorative house or office plant. They also symbolize good luck!

Plant Care

This plant enjoys medium to bright indirect light. Jade plants that are kept in low light can become leggy and top heavy.

Water jade plants deeply so that the soil gets sufficiently moistened throughout—not just at the surface. Wait until the soil has mostly dried out before you water it again. This means that you could end up watering it once a week depending on how quickly the soil dries out in the environment where you keep your plant.

In the cooler months, water your jade plant even less, allowing the soil to dry out fully between waterings. 

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