5 Sizes Clay Planter - Pink Lines


A handmade and natural terracotta pot, available in 5 sizes. With a soft baby pink engobe and a delicate rope texture around the trim.

We love these pots because natural clay is porous and absorbs excess water. The high density of clay allows for slow moisture release– creating an optimal environment for plant growth.

Drainage Hole: Yes

Protect your flooring, and pair these pots with our matching clay plates/saucers.

Each handmade product is truly unique. Some variation in colour, shape and size is common. Nicks and abrasions give character to our pottery. Let us know if you have any questions, we’re here to help!


Size Diameter x Height (inches) Weight
7 x 9
2.5 kg
M 9.5 x 10 4 kg
L 12 x 12 6 kg
XL 14 x 13.5 8 kg
XXL 17 x 16 15 kg

Our measurements are approximates, and measured from the outside edges. We recommend sizing up for a good fit with your grow pots or previous planters.

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