Swirl Clay Planter


Only 8 pieces in stock!

A handmade and natural terracotta pot, available in 5 sizes. This design features intricate swirl and line designs and stays close to a minimalistic finish. This pot is perfect for all spaces indoors and outdoors!

We love natural clay pots because they absorb excess water and slowly release moisture – your plants thrive and are less likely to rot! The natural calcium content in our clay planters prevents breakage and cracking during colder seasons. They’re naturally Canadian winter-proof - no coatings!

Drainage Hole: Yes

All measurements approximate.

Size Diameter x Height (inches) Weight
8 x 8
2.5 kg
M 10 x 10 4 kg
L 12 x 12 6 kg
XL 15 x 13 8 kg
XXL 18 x 15 15 kg

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