Wide Natural Clay Planter


Only 5 pieces in stock!

A handmade and natural terracotta pot, available in 5 sizes. This design is not like the rest, it's wider and shorter! We've kept it simple with this one but changed up the shape a bit. Unlike other Kawa handmade clay planters, this one is shorter and wider. Adorable if we say so ourselves!

We love these pots because natural clay absorbs excess water and slowly releases moisture – your plants thrive and are less likely to rot! The natural calcium content in our clay planters prevents breakage and cracking during colder seasons. They’re naturally Canadian winter-proof - no coatings!

Drainage Hole: Yes

All measurements approximate.

Size Diameter x Height (inches) Weight
8 x 7
2.5 kg
M 10 x 8 4 kg
L 13 x 9.5 6 kg
XL 16 x 10.5 8 kg
XXL 20 x 12 15 kg

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